Question: Where can I see the agenda 


The agenda of Summit 2022 is not yet announced. It will be available in this website later.

The agenda of the summit 2021 can be accessed through this link: https://powerbisummitapp.azurewebsites.net/SingleAgendaApp 

The link to the agenda will be also available from the rooms of our virtual platform when the conference is live. 

Question: If the Play Button does not work in the session room, what should I do ? 

There are two reason, the session does not start yet, or the browser need a refresh 

Question: I cannot attend at the time/date of the session I want, what can I do? 


Each session is repeated TWO or THREE times throughout a day. We have three timeslots which are separated as blocks of rows in the agenda, if one of them doesn’t suit your time zone, try a different one by scrolling down or up. You can also filter for the time slot that works better for you. 

Even if you cannot attend any of the time slots of a session, you can watch the recordings afterward. 

Question: Can recording be watched after? If yes, for how long? 


Yes, the recording is available to watch later. As many times as you want. It cannot be downloaded, but can be watched online through the virtual platform. The recording will be available for many years to watch. 

Question: Why I cannot register using my email in the virtual platform? 


Contact our support team at training@radacad.com and they will help you with your question.

Question: Where can I purchase tickets? 


This is the conference sales website: https://globalpowerbisummit.com/ 

Question: Where can I join the conference, sessions etc? 


This is the virtual platform address: https://radacad.6connex.us/event/virtual/login  

You need to sign up for this platform, which usually happens after purchasing tickets. If you have any issues in sign up, contact our support team at training@radacad.com  

Question: I want an invoice for my order 


There will be an invoice sent to you after making the payment. However, if you prefer a customized invoice, contact our team at training@radacad.com  

Question: How can I register for multiple people at once? 


When purchasing tickets, you can choose the quantity of Power BI Summit tickets you want, and complete the purchase at once. Then we will send you a from link to your email and ask for attendee’s email addresses.